Sync up the entire family’s schedules seamlessly with Magic Calendar!

From the way we read to the signage we walk past every day, E Ink has been increasingly incorporated into our daily lives. The InkCase for example, lets you transform your phone into an e-reader with a secondary E Ink screen at the back of your phone.

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Read anywhere, any time with InkCase!

While many may argue that E Ink’s progress is indicative of the way technology has taken over our lives, this new E Ink product takes us right back to the good ol’ days of wall calendars.

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So what exactly is the Magic Calendar?

On the surface, the Magic Calendar looks just like your typical paper wall calendar. It actually uses a colour E Ink display to organise your schedule cleverly. The E Ink screen hidden in the minimalistic design allows the calendar to display changeable media. Moreover, thanks to E Ink’s low power consumption, each charge can last up to 3 months!

The brainchild of Kosho Tsuboi Design, the Magic Calendar essentially inherits the best of both the smartphone and traditional calendar. Combining the familiar aesthetics of paper and the speed of smartphone calendars, it’ll be helpful in boosting your productivity, be it at home or in the office!

With the ability to sync and display several users’ Google Calendars in different colours, the Magic Calendar makes it so easy for users to sync up their schedules without any hassle. Just think about how easy it’ll be to arrange those family dinners or office meetings! No need to text everyone to ask for their schedules anymore; just log in and let the Calendar work its magic.

Need more persuading? Go ahead and watch the video to see how wonderfully simple and effective the calendar works!

The Magic Calendar is part of Google Android Experiments program which seeks to create new ways to use technology. I think it’s more than fair to say that it has definitely achieved that!

Currently, it’s still in the prototype stage while the designers work out some of the technical hurdles. However according to Kosho Tsuboi Design, they already have a fully-working version and are proceeding with a completed design. One thing is for sure – the Magic Calendar definitely brings us another step closer to blurring the boundaries between analog and digital technology.

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